"We didn't just create a new jet aircraft, we created a new jet customer."

The creation of world's lightest double engine jet plane Eclipse 500 dates back to 1998, when Eclipse Aviation Corp. was established with the mission to break new grounds in aeronautical industry and aviation. Among the founding partners of the company were internationally renowned entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates and Alfred Mann and notable institutions like NASA. The company carried out the Eclipse 500 project with a budget of 1.5 billion dollars in ten years.

Eclipse 500 received its Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification in July 2006 and the company made its first aircraft delivery in January 2007. In 2007 and 2008 Eclipse Aviation Corp. successfully produced a total of 260 Eclipse 500 aircrafts. This was a breakthrough in aviation history as until that day production of low cost jet aircrafts were thought to be impossible. The company received European Aviation Security Agency (EASA) certification in November 2008, which is also adopted by the Civil Aviation Authorities of the Turkish Republic and Eclipse 500 was introduced to world markets.

Eclipse Aviation Corp. was re-established in March 2009 by an investment group including names like Ekim Alptekin and Mason Holland which continues its operations under the name of Eclipse Aerospace Inc.

EA AEROSPACE was founded by Ekim Alptekin during the above explained period in order to carry out the Eclipse Aerospace investment. Entering aviation industry as the founding partner of Albuquerque, New Mexico based Eclipse Aerospace Inc., EA AEROSPACE is the first Turkish company ever to make an industrial investment in the United States.

After the conclusion of negotiations between Sikorsky and Eclipse Aerospace Inc., Sikorsky joined in the partnership structure of the company in 2010. The company then decided to commence the production of Total Eclipse model, which is a state of the art version of world's lightest double engine jet plane Eclipse 500 and started preparations.

Along with partaking in Eclipse Aerospace Inc.'s partnership structure, EA AEROSPACE will act as the sales office for the ground breaking Eclipse 500 light weight jet aircraft in a large area encompassing Europe, Russia, Turkey and Middle East. The company also provides maintenance repair and upgrade services to Eclipse 500 owners at Europe's first Eclipse Aerospace Platinum Service Center at İstanbul's Atatürk Airport.