Private jet travel was once reserved for the elite. Eclipse Aerospace changed all that. Because the way we saw it, why shouldn't the convenience, performance, and safety of private jet travel be available to more people? People, for example, like you?

Our answer was a family of Jets that is affordable, easy to own, easy to operate, and offers performance capabilities previously found only in military and commercial aircraft.

When we introduced the twin-engine Eclipse 500, we introduced a completely new kind of jet to the aviation industry. The Eclipse 500 has the high-tech features of aircraft costing millions more but is built using innovative techniques that drive quality up and manufacturing costs down. Not only less expensive than any other twin-engine jet to buy, the fuel-efficient Eclipse 500 is also the least expensive twin-engine jet to own and operate. The Eclipse 500 puts the practical benefits and sheer exhilaration of jet aviation within the means of more people and companies than ever before.