As the first Turkish company ever to make an industrial investment in the United States, EA AEROSPACE undertakes the mission of becoming a significant actor, shaping the future of the industry. The company foresees that private jet travel are about to become a necessity rather than a luxury experience in the near future and therefore sets high standards for itself right from the start, as Eclipse 500 and Total Eclipse are pioneering ventures in aviation industry.

With their low production and fuel costs and high altitude long distance flight capabilities in very light weight jet aircraft category, Eclipse 500 and Total Eclipse series shape the future of aviation industry thanks to a unique vision which differentiates them from their competitors. Eclipse Aerospace Inc. and EA AEROSPACE believe that in the near future air travel will outgrow mass transport and become more and more personalized just like today's automotive sector; therefore the companies channel their investments accordingly.

Thanks to its state of the art technical and design characteristics, Total Eclipse, the latest series of Eclipse 500, is hailed as an ideal model for "very light weight jets" that can be used as personal jets or air taxis. Because of their high investment and fuel costs, traditional light weight jets are not compatible for setting up air taxi fleets; they are rather seen as very expensive personal vehicles owned or rented only by the high income minority.

With its low purchasing and fuel costs and reasonable rental fees (around 2500 USD per hour) Eclipse 500 model on the other hand is very well known around the world as the most preferred model by air taxi companies and their passengers.

Considering the fact that international companies can minimize their operation costs by letting their board members travel with a light weight jet that belongs to the company, EA AEROSPACE envisions a future in which many large companies will buy their own Eclipse 500 aircrafts and sets this vision as a medium-term company goal.

As for tor the long run, the company believes that very light weight jets will evolve into vehicles that are easily accessible by the middle classes and sets its long-term goals as undertaking a pioneering role in R&D activities and exploring prospective markets.