Recurrent training is an annual requirement for those pilots continuing to act as PIC in the Eclipse Jet. It involves classroom academics as well as flight sessions in an Eclipse level D simulator. The goal of recurrent training is to ensure that required knowledge and skills have not deteriorated and to stay updated on new requirements and new aircraft capabilities.

Recurrent training emphasizes reinforcement of skills such as automation management, effective pre-flight planning, Single Pilot Resource Management (SRM), and risk management. Classroom training is designed to provide the pilot with supplemental knowledge on selected topics relating to the continued safe operation of the Eclipse. A review of safety related topics will be provided, to include a review and analysis of any significant safety events that have occurred in the Eclipse fleet. Pilots will also have an opportunity to share / discuss any operating issues experienced while operating the Eclipse.

Simulator sessions are intended to allow practice of required and selected events before finally demonstrating proficiency to ATP Practical Test Standards.